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Drama, New York, 2021

In the midst of loss & grief, a Tango dancer rediscovers the true healing power of music & dance.


Director: Ed Trucco

Writer: Mariana Parma

Producers: Mariana Parma & Ed Trucco

Cinematography by: Ed Trucco

Music by: Juan Cruz Masotta

Starring: Mariana Parma, Walter Perez, & Leonardo Sardella 


Meet The Team


Ed Trucco

  • Unknown

Ed Trucco is a New York actor, who decided to learn the ropes behind the camera.

He has made several short films, some of which have won festivals.

“-I believe that for an actor, it is as important to know the biz behind the camera as well as in front”

He is proud and honored to have worked with Marina Parma on this beautiful story during these crazy times of pandemic.

“-Thank you all that helped and made this possible. It is also a pleasure to have such a wonderful and powerful original score by Juan Cruz Masotta”.


Mariana Parma

  • Unknown

Mariana Parma is an Actor,Dancer, Instructor, & Choreographer. She began dancing, & choreographing at a very early age. Storytelling through dance has always been her first love.  

During a very difficult moment in her life, she decided to combine her love of dance, acting, and storytelling, into a script. 

"I never considered myself a writer, but I realize we all have stories, to tell, and when the opportunity arises we just have to tell it, you never know where it will lead you. I am beyond grateful and forever indebted to Ed Trucco, who took the words off the page and created such beautiful images. To Juan Cruz Masotta, for elevating this film to another dimension with his original musical Scores.  And special thanks to the talented Tango dancers Walter Perez, Leonardo Sardella, & to all who gave me a hand in making this happen."


Juan Cruz Masotta

  • Unknown

Juan Cruz Masotta was born in Buenos Aires. From an early age he was fascinated with music and soon he took up the guitar as his main instrument.

In his early 20s he started to get acquainted with the world of music production and technology. He then emigrated to the US to study film scoring. After his studies he lived in New York City for 15 years where he scored several movies, TV shows and theater plays.

In this time he also played and produced for several artists of the NYC scene. Currently he lives in Buenos Aires where he continues his endeavors as a music producer and performer.


Tango Dancer,
Leonardo Sardella

  • Instagram

Leonardo Sardella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began studying Tango and other dance at the Conservatorio Nacional de Danza at the age of eight.

Leo went on to study with many Tango maestros. Leo has been a leading or featured dancer in Tango shows presented in prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires and around the world. In recent years, he has toured, taught and performed in the United States and Europe.

With Walter Perez, Leo co-founded Malevaje Dance Company, Atlantic Tango, The New York Queer Tango Weekend, and Friends of Argentine Tango.​Leo and Walter are highly regarded teachers and performers, known for their seamless exchanges of lead and follow, creativity and musicality. For all things Leonardo Sardella visit:


Tango Dancer,
Walter Perez

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Walter Perez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He was introduced to the Argentine Tango in 1993, and trained with many renowed Argentine Tango master.

He has appeared as a featured dancer in many Tango productions in Buesnos Aires, New York and around the world, on stage and on television.  

In 2011 Walter formed the Malevaje Dance Company with Leonardo Sardella. Walter co-founded the annual New York Queer Tango Weekend with Leonardo Sardella, currently the only Queer Tango Festival in the United States.  For all things Walter Perez visit:

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